Peep Dioramas

Kelly McMahon sent me this year’s finalists in the Peep Diorama contest. Despite my hatred for the Peeps, some of these are really good. KLAATU BARADA PEEPTO was a personal highlight.


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  1. this is the second time ive heard of peeps in two days after never hearing of them before, and im sure its gross but these dioramas make me want to eat them. tell me why i dont really want them!

  2. They’re just marshmallow extruded into seasonal shapes and dredged in coloured sugar. When they dry out, they’re like styrofoam. I hate ’em. Many folks like them. Peeps have always been big on the Internet, oddly. Back in the mid-90’s, there was a funny website where people did science experiments with Peeps. (They swell up if you put them in the microwave, for example.) Then a few years back, the Peeps people hit on the idea of this craft contest and it kind of went viral. They’re always big this time of year.

    (It’s kind of a running joke in my family to send me Peeps every year. I have complained so much that eventually they stopped though.)

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