RunningBlog: Week 13

Week 13
This week saw my longest run yet: a scheduled 16km (10 mile) run on Sunday. (RunKeeper details) I headed to Centennial Park as usual and managed 2.5 laps around. I did 2:1 run/walk ratio the whole way, and it was fantastic. I felt much better than I did the previous week (where I did 3:1 for 13km). My legs didn’t cramp and my overall average was actually faster! I was having some stomach pain though, and somehow I managed to lose one of my water belt bottles. Still, I got it done. This week is a cutback week, which I’ve been looking forward to.

Mar. 27: 5.34km
Mar. 28: 16.72km
Mar. 31: 5.35km
Total this week: 27.41km (17mi)
Total in 2010: 264.32km (165mi)

We are officially one-quarter of the way through the year, which means I should be at 250km to meet my 1000km goal. Looks like I’m about 14km ahead of pace. Woooo!


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  1. Thanks for getting me excited about runkeeper again! I tried it initially and didn’t much care for it, but now I am loving it. While I go on about needing to appreciate the “joy of running” I really love using gadgets to watch my progress. I always have to correct my route after a run, since the GPS isn’t perfect. Often, once I have corrected the route, it improves my pace by 0:30 per mile or so. You are probably faster than you realize you are… b/c if you look at your routes on runkeeper, you will also see that it cuts a lot of corners on you (It does – I checked). You may not wish to waste your time fixing the routes, but just know that you are faster than you think you are 🙂

  2. You go girl! 🙂 You will do well!!
    Go well with your training!

  3. Nice job on a great run and week. It is fun seeing your progress.

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