RunningBlog: Just a Decision

One of my friends lives on my regular morning run route, and I ran into her this morning (as I often do). She said she was so impressed with how I’m always out there. I laughed it off, but it sort of resonated with me the rest of the run. I don’t think I’m doing anything amazing. I go on two runs a week before work, and I do one long run a weekend. I also try to do at least one cross-training class a week (which is convenient since my work sponsors them). How do I do all that? I just put on my shoes and do it. There’s nothing really magical or admirable about it. I really can’t put it any better than the other Kris did yesterday: “It’s just a decision.” So if you’ve been tempted to get out there, just do it. Don’t procrastinate, and don’t overthink. Just decide and do it.

That said, I will give one big tip that helps a LOT with not skipping workouts: have plenty of workout clothes. When I started out, I only had a couple sports bras and shorts to run in. It was easy to slip up on laundry and think, “Whoops! Guess I can’t run today.” I made a concerted effort to build up my store of running gear, and now I can’t use that as an excuse anymore.


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  1. Good advice, even the “extreme” Ironman training that Tricia and I did last year was largely a matter of extra time, planning and a “just get it done” mindset. I’ve found it helpful to reduce the opportunity to skip a workout: having a regular partner and commuting by foot or bike are great options, if feasible. Conversely, I try not to beat myself up if I miss a day (rest/recovery days are underrated.)

  2. so true! i get a bit defensive when people i don’t know that well ask me “how on earth” i manage to fit in my workouts now i’ve got 2 children. i just do. in fact, in some ways my limited free time means i am more likely to go for a run when i really don’t feel like it, purely because i have an opportunity to do so.

    that said, i do find your and jeff and tricia’s achievements admirable and very inspiring!

  3. Haha, thanks for the link Kris! I agree about the clothes -I have two basic sets and usually do three workouts during the week -which means I have to remember to do a mid-week load of washing or I find myself in trouble for the third one!

  4. This is very true. It is just something that I decided to do, and my priorities circle around it.

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