RunningBlog: Week 21

Week 21
A very light week for running! I’ve only done one short run since the DNF at the Half-Marathon: a slow and easy run/walk around the neighbourhood on Tuesday. I could tell that my foot was still sore, so I didn’t push it. I’ve done four classes at Spudds since the big race though, so I’m still keeping up my fitness level. (Oddly, running for a couple minutes during a gym interval is okay. The soreness only appears past a certain distance/time threshold.) I managed double-hundreds on the rower twice this week, which was very gratifying. It’s starting to happen more frequently than not. (I’m tearing up my hands though.)

In terms of my running schedule for the winter, my Mom is registering us (her, me, and the Snook!) for the Elkhart County Fair 5K Road Run while we’re there visiting. That’ll be fun! I’m also thinking of training for the Blackmores Half Marathon in September. If I do Higdon’s 12 week program, I’ve still got a few more weeks before I have to start. That will give me more time to rest this blasted foot and hopefully start the program injury-free!

May 25: 4.83km
Total this week: 4.83km (3mi)
Total in 2010: 427.12km (267mi)

The rest week has eaten into my cushion a bit for my 1000km in 2010 challenge. I should be at 403.8km, so I’m still ahead a bit.

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  1. To combat the blisters (or at least make sure they’re calluses instead), you can make a grip from sports tape. When I was flying trapeze, we used them and they work wonders. Take a piece maybe 2″ long and fold it a couple times lengthwise so you have a long, skinny strip. Then take a longer piece of tape (twice as long as the distance from the base of your middle finger to a couple inches past your wrist) and stick your skinny strip in a U shape at one end of the long strip. Fold the long strip back on itself so the cloth is out on both sides and the skinny strip is sandwiched between the long strip.

    To use it, sip the loop over your middle finger, and use more tape to tape around your arm, just below your wrist. (Do this with your hand bent back so you have enough slack.) Et voila! A little chalk on that and it will save your grip so much.

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