I <heart> Catlux.
A totally unsolicited commercial endorsement: My coworker got a kitten on the weekend, which reminded me that I need to officially proclaim that Catlux Softwood Clumping Litter is the best cat litter in Australia. I’m serious. We’ve tried a lot of litters over the years, and we’d basically settled on the generic Coles clumping litter for cost-effectiveness. Then a few weeks ago, the store was sold out and in desperation I grabbed a bag of Catlux. IT’S FANTASTIC. Not only does it mask any stinky smells, it actually smells GOOD! It smells like fresh lumber. I ENJOY scooping the litter box! It’s also physically much lighter than the clay stuff, so it’s easier to get home. It doesn’t seem to track as much as other brands, and what little there is doesn’t hurt your feet if you step on it. It’s more expensive than what we were using, but each bag seems to last longer than the previous so it works out. Catlux = A+++ WOULD BUY AGAIN.