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Sports Bras
The topic of the next GGR episode (to be recorded today or tomorrow) is sports bras. I managed to get several interviews yesterday at WWKIP Day with women who participate in a range of sporting activities. If you’d like to contribute, just drop me an email or leave a comment on this post. I’m interested in hearing which type of sports bras you prefer, problems you’ve had with them in the past, features you particularly like; etc. If anyone has ever undergone a breast reduction, I’d love to hear about that too.


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  1. I’m a DD cup so a good sports bra is very important! I’ve been in love with a Berlei sports bra for a few years now and happily buy that same one each time I need to update. Unfortunately I don’t know if there’s a name for it but the tag says “Style: Y5353”. It’s an underwire bra which I know some women hate but I’ve always found it very comfortable and it’s very good at reducing movement whilst running. I do remember it always comes with a tag advertising that it’s endorsed by the Australian Institute of Sport. 🙂

  2. Being a fairly new runner I was buying bras just from traget and walmart. back in april I bought my first fitness bra online at REI Moving Comfort Calli Sports Bra. I chose this one because of all the good reviews.

    I really like this bra. It holds me firm but doesnt squish and it’s almost comfortable to wear all day long. Which of cours if your running a marathon in the back of the pack I’d want something to wear all day long.

    I’m looking forward to here what others have to say about their running bras


  3. Connie (OHCowgirl)

    June 14, 2010 — 12:42 am

    My problem? When I run…I sweat…I mean I SWEAT!!! My bra gets soaked and so does my shirt…where my bra is…so in the shirt everyone can see that both boobs are wet! (BTW…you cannot put that in a search engine and get anything but porn) So…any suggestions for a bra for me?

  4. I’m much smaller (36 B) and can get away with a less supportive bra. My fave bra is one that is stretchy enough to easily get off when I’m wet. It also has mesh at various places to allow for air flow. It’s just an Under Armour they don’t make anymore. I need more bras like that.

  5. I’ve been using a bra from Lily of France lately (don’t know the model name). It’s got a few nice things, it has a v-neck (traditional bra construction) to combat uniboob, it has what they call “lily petals” but I try not to because seriously? Are we 12? But they rule despite a stupid name because they keep your nipples from showing through which is a constant problem in my trusty old Champion bra. Also, the back has the standard racer back, but it has a keyhole, and the bottom of the hole has hooks like a regular bra, making the whole thing easier to put on. Like I said, I’m really digging it.

    Not sure if Lily of France distributes in Oz but if they do you should check it out.

  6. I had a breast reduction 14 (!!!) years ago, used to be a casual runner for a while, and am trying to get back into it after a longish absence (hoping to run a 10K in Oct, pending this whole patellar shift thing I have going on at the moment).

    I used to try to stay away from the uniboob bras but now generally go with the ones that smash my goods as that seems to be the best route for my [still] dds. I generally wear one back-clasp bra with a over-the-head Champion on top.

    I ordered a Moving Comfort (can’t remember the model) online and was really unimpressed with the fit (could just have been a size issue) but have heard good things about the Enell bra but haven’t taken the plunge (har har) as yet.

  7. DD here too, and not a small thing, so when i started treadmilling and weight lifting i really needed something supportive. i found an underwire one too in great soak-up=sweat material, with lots of extra support under the arms and across the top of the boob, so theres not much bouncing. its a triumph triaction. love it. also, where i work, they do scientific research into bra design, check out this link: there are some articles at the end etc.

  8. Another DD here. I wear Champion Double Dry Underwire, though admittedly I don’t do anything more strenuous than Wii Gold’s Gym.

  9. I like the Moving Comfort bras with the underwire. They both “encapsulate and compress,” and do a very nice job. I had an enell bra several years ago – it did fine, but all it did was just majorly smoosh your boobs. So if you don’t mind the whole uniboob effect, it works well for larger women. Moving Comfort has many more options, and tends to be more flattering as well.
    I also have one I got from skirt sports that is very comfortable… and maybe you should do a review of running skirts sometime, too! I love my gym-girl ultra!! The shorts underneath are so lightweight, I feel like I am almost naked while running.

  10. I had a great one for years and only recently replaced it with an AIS-approved Berlei underwire.

    It’s good for stopping the bouncing, and relatively comfortable.

    It’s meant to be convertible to have a crossover back, but the straps are so short that unless your boobs are on your chin there is no way it can be worn as a crossover. I have them as long as they go and they’re barely long enough as normal straps!

  11. These days, the only bra I run in is the Moving Comfort Fiona model. I used to have to layer two bras, but this one provides good support for me – D. It has a clasp at the back and velcro straps. I have had the velcro un-velcro once or twice, which can be awkward, but other than that, I really like it.

    The other bra essential is body glide to eliminate chafing; I never run without it.

    Now if I could just figure out how to combine the heart rate monitor I got with my garmin with the running bra, I might actually use it…

  12. I switched birth control right before I moved to Korea and the result was that my breasts went from a small B cup to a large D cup. Being in Korea, I had a hard time finding *anything* that would fit my chest.

    I asked the women in my running club back in Houston for recommendations and a number recommended the high-impact bras from Champion. This was awesome because they also shipped overseas.

    The bras are extremely high-impact. I wore then both for running and taekwondo, which is a lot of jumping and up-and-down motion. As a plus, now that I’m back in the US I can buy Chapion sports clothes at Target. They are inexpensive and well-made, although the high-impact bra is only available by order. Their website, I believe, has bras rated by level of impact in activity.

  13. I guess being flat-chested does have advantages when it comes to running. I use New Balance and Champion sports bras- then again, I bought them in the US for under $20 each so they might be harder to find here in Oz. My biggest complaint is that I wash them on cold to prevent the fabric from getting damaged, but I feel like the residual sweat never gets fully removed. Ew.

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