Busy Weekend

Me and SnookBusy Weekend: We had a non-stop weekend thanks to the arrival of Eileen and Dean on Friday night. We took them for a beer at the Friend in Hand, then dinner upstairs at the Aussie Youth. We finished the night with a rollicking Guitar Hero session. Saturday morning found us at the Eveleigh Farmer’s Market before a long walk down King Street in Newtown for a kite-flying session at Sydney Park. Back at the house, we all got officially addicted to True Blood. Dinner was at Spice I Am in Surry Hills, where we sat about 7 feet from Peter from Masterchef. (The food was fantastic. I am still dreaming about the soft shell crab with mango salad. YUM.) Sunday morning Eileen and I headed out for a 7km run around Darling Harbour. Our special 4th of July lunch was at the Blue Plate Bar & Grill in Neutral Bay. We were a little sad that the full menu NQN blogged about wasn’t available at lunch, but we placated ourselves with Philly Cheesesteaks and Chili Dogs. Then it was time for more vampire porn before Dean had to fly back to Melbourne. (Eileen is staying on til Friday attending a microbiology conference in the city.) Read on for some photos, or check out Eileen’s site for hers!Kite Flying - Me and Eileen

My favorite part of kite flying is huddling for warmth while other people struggle with kites. Note: Eileen is not fighting the kite you see above her. The Snook is flying that one. Eileen’s kite is on the ground.

Eileen vs. The Expandable Object

There it is! We have yet to get The Expandable Object to actually fly. Every single kite store that sells this thing claims it’s the easiest kite in the world to get aloft. We’ve never gotten it above 20 feet before it nosedives into the ground.

Kite Flying - Eileen and Dean

Eileen and Dean have joined me on the bench. Dean is actually still flying the good kite in this photo. (It’s that easy to fly. You can just sit on a bench and hang on to it. Damn Expandable Object.)

Me and Snook

Me and Snookums at our 4th of July lunch.

Eileen and Dean

Eileen and Dean at our 4th of July lunch. Eileen felt compelled by patriotism to pay $9 for an imported Sam Adams.

Chili Dog

My Chili Dog. It was pretty damn good! (I had to ask for mustard though.) The fries were excellent.

Philly Cheesesteak

The Snook went for the Philly Cheesesteak. It had onions, mushrooms, and cheese. He liked it.


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  1. I think you’ll find that it’s Eileen that’s flying the super kite in that picture where we’re sitting on the bench. Note the fingerless glove 😉

  2. You mean you don’t have hip fingerless gloves too?! 🙂


  3. I’m glad that you liked the food at Blue Plate Kris! Were there many Americans celebrating the 4th of July there? 🙂

  4. I think just about everyone who came in the door said “Happy 4th of July!” to the owner! So there were a lot of Americans. 🙂

    We made a point of telling him that we made the trip on the basis of your blog post about it. He said they’ve been getting some really good media attention, and that bookings were really picking up.

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