RunningBlog: Week 28

Week 28
The week did not begin auspiciously. Last Friday night, I was coming home from the shops with the Snook and took a nasty fall on some wet, muddy leaves. I landed heavily on my left knee. I took off a layer of skin and got a massive bruise on the side.(Here’s a photo from Saturday; it actually looked worse a couple days later. Very purple and green.) It was really painful the first day, so I took the weekend off to ice it and recover. On Monday I went out cautiously for my scheduled 4-miler… and I felt okay! It ached a little bit, but I think that was more to do with my running tights constricting around the bruised bit. I managed three runs total this week, and my knee and foot have been feeling better with each one. Today was the least my right foot has bothered me since February! It’s pretty amazing. Each run has been faster than the last, too.

July 12: 6.45km
July 14: 5.69km
July 15: 5.77km
Total this week: 17.91km (11.2mi)
Total in 2010: 525.49km (328.4mi)

I’m still about 13km behind pace in my goal to run 1000km in 2010, but I’ll get there. Each week I’m going a little bit farther. I’m excited that my next run will be back in the U.S.A.! I hope I survive the summer heat…


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  1. I assume you’re going home to the Midwest (Indiana, right), be prepared for the heat. Nebraska was beastly hot and really humid today. Water bottle is a must.

  2. Yeah, we’ve heard it’s pretty brutal right now. We’re going to ease into it a bit in San Fran, which my sister says is cooler. But yeah, that 5K next weekend in South Bend is gonna SUCK…

  3. The radio says today low to mid 90’s with a heat index between 100 & 105 looking forward to seeing ya

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