RunningBlog: Week 29

Week 29
So far vacation hasn’t stopped me from getting in the miles! The Snook and I arrived in Petaluma, California last Saturday morning and spent that first day resting up. On Sunday, I went out for my long run. I used RunKeeper to search for routes in the area, and I noticed that many of them ran alongside the airport. So that’s where I headed! I did my 8km pretty easily that day. Petaluma is flat, and the weather was cool and dry. On Tuesday the Snook joined me for a 6km run through a few parks. Now we’re in Indiana, gearing up for the big Elkhart County Fair 5K Road Run on Sunday. It’s a lot more hot and humid here. We joined Mom today for a nice slow 5K alongside the river in Elkhart. It was probably close to 90F (about 32C). We survived though! Our entry forms for the race have been dropped off. The really funny thing is that the race runs along the parade route and starts 10 minutes before the parade, so we’ll have “thousands” of people cheering us on! (Mom’s worried that if she doesn’t go fast enough, she’ll get run over by a marching band!)

July 18: 8.25km
July 20: 5.96km
July 23: 5.66km
Total this week: 19.87km (12.4mi)
Total in 2010: 545.36km (340.85mi)

I’m only 12km behind my goal to run 1000km in 2010! I’ll let you know how we go with the race…

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  1. I envy your determination Kris, you make me feel lazy..ahaha ;D

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