Geek Girl Runner Episode 009

Geek Girl Runner Episode 009
Hey, remember when I used to podcast and stuff? Guess what? I MADE A NEW EPISODE! This is basically a catch-up show, filling you in on all my running-related (and not-so-running-related) news from the past two months. The show also includes a race report from last month’s Elkhart County Fair 5K Road Race which features the podcast debut of my husband, the Snook (as well as my Mom, Step-Dad, and little brother). I ended with bit of further discussion about the sports bra topic, as prompted by some new research that’s come up. I hope you like the show!

Show links:
Elkhart County Fair 5K Road Run (official results)
The House on the Rock, Spring Green, Wisconson
Blackmore’s Half-Marathon – part of Sydney Running Festival
Run Yank Run – Paul Abrelat’s podcast
Phys Ed: The Right Kind of Sports Bra from The New York Times

Thanks as usual to Nick Arthur for the use of his song “Little Donut Party”!

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  1. With a totally straight face I say that breast/bra/sports/physics is a very intriguing and fascinating topic and I imagine one of the most complex areas of physiology to study with any precision. While comfort is obviously a primary aim of research, I wonder, for instance, if any MRI or fMRI studies are carried out to help identify the forces associated with shearing injuries of ligaments. Same as I wonder if there’s any method to establish baselines for such things as ligament length and integrity as I would have thought that sort of metric would influence the forces working both in the breast itself during running as well as in the manner and force of foot plant. As a selflinking corollary – of sorts – to that: wax injected comparative anatomies of breasts

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