Halloween Update: I’m gonna make it official, folks. The Snook and I will be taking a year OFF from hosting our annual Halloween party. We’ve done it 7 years running and we just need a break to recharge. So save your Halloween links for us, and we’ll be back bigger and better than ever next year!


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  1. That’s ok – I’m going to be in HK anyway.

    But I was hoping you might do the suckling pig thing for Haloween this year? ..

  2. That’s an idea.. why don’t we all go out for dinner instead?

  3. Suckling pig! SUCKLING PIG!!

  4. I will make you a pie though
    and my vote for sickling pig too

  5. That would be an awesome idea… a dinner out while all in costume?

    The premier Halloween event of the season will be missed, but it’s a well earned rest guys :o)

  6. Oh, I was definitely thinking of booking in a night for the pig. Which day works best for you folks from the boondocks?

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