RunningBlog: Week 38

Week 38
The big half-marathon was on Sunday, but you’ve already read that race report, right? Monday and Tuesday I was pretty sore in the quads and hips, as you might imagine. Wednesday started to improve, so I went to Spudds for a workout. He gave my legs a reprieve and focused mostly on upper body, which was nice. This morning I went for my first run, an easy 5K around Newtown. I’ve still got lots of weird little pains and niggles, but I figure that’s to be expected. Next races: 10K as part of Worldwide Festival of Races, and then the 10K Run4Fun in November.

Sept. 19: 21.2km
Sept. 24: 5.41km
Total this week: 26.51km (16.57mi)
Total in 2010: 719.23km (449.5mi)

I have made up some ground on my goal of running 1000km in 2010. I should be at 730km, so I’m only 11km off pace!

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  1. heyyyy lovely! have just started listening to your podcast, it’s SO exciting to hear a familiar voice chatting about wonderful things that I love doing as well 🙂 Have started from the start, listened to your 2nd episode while staggering the trails at the bottom of Black Mountain x

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