Happy anniversary Snookums… under the sea.
Saturday was our sixth wedding anniversary, so as usual we planned a special dinner to celebrate. And where better to celebrate than a “subterranean Italian seafood restaurant”?!

Me with a cocktail   Snook with a cocktail

A couple months ago Eva forwarded me one of those “deal of the day” links where the offer was a 4-course dinner at Grotta Capri. I freaked out. Grotta Capri was in Muriel’s Wedding! It’s the crazy restaurant/bar where Sophie Lee (and the other mean girls) told Muriel that they didn’t want her hanging out with them anymore. It actually exists, and it’s here in Sydney. (It’s also famously crawling with actual mobsters.) So that’s where we went! The food was alright, nothing too special really. The main draw was sitting in an insane restaurant covered in blue stalactites and assorted nautical flotsam. There was a DJ on playing a truly demented mix of holiday, mafia, and party classics. (I’m not joking. We went from “Blue Christmas” to the theme from The Godfather to “Y.M.C.A.”) The cocktails were awful, but the tiramisu was pretty good. It was just so cheesy and fun. We had a nice time.

I’m lucky to have somebody willing to indulge these whims!