RunningBlog: Week 49

Week 49
Only three weeks to go, and suddenly everything is harder. My right foot is hurting again (after being great for weeks). My left shin is niggling me a bit. My right quad (just above the knee) feels sore and possibly even a little swollen. I’ve just got to hold it together for a few more weeks.

I cut back my distance a little bit in a failed attempt to rest. My long run on Sunday was a 3:1 run/walk around Blackwattle Bay with the Snook. Monday I had a session at Spudds. On Wednesday I doubled up with a short run in the morning before work (the foot was hurting) and then Spudds again at lunchtime. I ended with a walk/run home from work and around Newtown on Friday.

Nov. 5: 10.37km
Nov. 8: 5.46km
Nov. 10: 7.15km
Total this week: 22.98km (14.3mi)
Total in 2010: 939.11km (586.9mi)

Three weeks left, and just over 60km to go…


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  1. You can do it!!!! C’mon Kris!!! I’m break out the pom poms and do a little dance.

  2. Sorry you are having issues, chin up you will do great!

  3. Kathy in Oklahoma

    December 12, 2010 — 7:35 pm

    I believe in you! You can do this. You are so close. Keep going, slow and steady. We will all be celebrating with you in a couple more weeks.

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