It appears that the BBC’s website got hacked and a fake news story was inserted about the death of one of the Hear’Say singers. The story itself was entirely made up (she’s not dead; she’s on holiday), but I think the part about the “sex video” is actually true. (True in the sense that all the tabloids reported it a few weeks ago, anyway.) The part that cracked me up, though, is: “The sex video referred to consists of Suzanne stripping off in a Bolton hotel room for a man connected with pop group Right Said Fred.” Weren’t Right Said Fred, uh, gay? My gaydar is notoriously bad, so I might be wrong on this, but I feel like the consensus was that they were. Or maybe I’m just confused because they were camp. Anybody wanna help me out here? (Huh? The official RSF site is hosted at geocities???)