Macleay River Marathon

I have gone insane. I blame JayDub and AirForceTed. I am seriously considering training for and running the 2011 Macleay River Marathon on June 12th. It’s not far from where Ma and Pa Snook live. Ma Snook has actually been trying to get us up there for years now. (They do other distances besides the full marathon.) It’s a small marathon, and it’s meant to be relatively flat. The other big advantage is – as far as I can tell – there’s no time cut-off. That’s what’s keeping me from doing one in Sydney. Every marathon I can find here cuts you off at 5:30, and I’m guessing I’ll probably be closer to 6:00. If the Macleay lets you finish no matter what… we may have found my big race for the year!

I’ve already had a look at Galloway’s novice plan. (HELL YEAH I’ll be run/walking this thing.) It’s 30 weeks long, but conveniently I’m pretty much already up to the week 8 workouts. I think I’ve got a pretty good base built up if I can stay injury-free.

AM I REALLY DOING THIS? Can I do it? Maybe this is just residual New Year’s Resolution craziness.


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    I will barrack for you all the way – I know that you are someone who decides to do something then does.

    It’s just like running 2 half marathons, like you did last year, but at the same time!!!

    GO KRIS GO!!!!

  2. You can do it. I tell you from personal experience, you can do it. And crossing that line feels amazing. It’s a long way, and it hurts (in the words of Lee Troop.) But it is something you can do.

    (I’m now considering this marathon for 2012, for my NSW marathon. I’m trying to do one in every state and territory by the time I’m 40.)

    Have a watch of the Joan Benoit video on youtube. In my lifetime, the marathon was considered too hard for a woman to do. I’ve done it twice.

  3. Yay! You can totally do this thing!

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