RunningBlog: Week 5

Week 5
Ups and downs. It’s been such a hot week, but I started the week with a big UP! On Sunday I did my longest run in many months, a 17.2km run-walk to Centennial Park and back. I did 1:1 run/walk the whole way and it worked great! The walk breaks really helped with my recovery the next day. On Monday I did an easy run/walk home from work in the evening and then a short core workout. On Tuesday I went to Spudds after work and then did an easy run/walk home. Wednesday was Spudds again, and that’s when I crashed. He had me trying to do chin-ups, and it was just total frustration. I spent the next two days in a total funk. Today I woke up determined to finish the week with a decent run. It started well but towards the end my right foot was aching. I definitely think I’ve strained it a little. So I walked the last ten minutes back to the house, and that’s when I noticed my chest was burning. I mean, on the outside. My skin. It was on fire, all around the collar of my shirt. I got home and pulled it off to see a huge red splotchy rash from my collarbone to my sports bra. No idea what caused it, and it’s still itching several hours later. GAHHHH.

Jan. 30: 17.22km
Jan. 31: 2.98km
Feb. 1: 2.94km
Feb. 4: 6.00km
Total this week: 29.14km (18.2mi)
Total this year: 111.95km (70mi)

To meet my goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 105.7km. As expected, that long run made up quite a bit of distance. I’m now about 6km ahead of pace. Hmm. Maybe that’s why my poor foot is feeling tired? These cutback weeks are a Good Thing.


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  1. Could it be a heat rash? I suffer very badly from them above my breasts and on my neck. I have found they are made worse by some sunblocks creams. If that’s what it is a steroid cream should help, and avoiding the sun in that area.

  2. M-H – Based on this site, I’m now fairly certain that’s what it was. I was a little itchy before my run so I put some ointment on. That must have blocked my sweat ducts so that running made it even worse. I put steroid cream on it, but I’m thinking that keeping the area “moist” all day is probably why it’s STILL burning. I’ve just given it a gentle wash in the restroom and I might try to just keep it cool and dry as best I can.

  3. mmmheat rash is horrid. My poor baby has heat rash in her nappy area. Not the normal oogy nappy area but around the waist band and tops of her thighs. Poor thing. Trying to keep her cool and dry has been difficult. There’s only so much nappy free time you can do when it’s too hot to step outside. it’s settled a little, i hope yours has too.

  4. Here you go Kris 😉 Next year’s goal maybe…hehe

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