The NYT has a great article on, the “Queen of the Mommy Bloggers.” I’ve been reading Dooce since before she got pregnant with Leta, I think. It’s an excellent look at the history of her site and the “real life blogging” genre in general. The bit that surprised me was how much money she makes from her site. I had no idea. I mean, I guessed it was a decent amount, given that she and Jon haven’t had day jobs in a long time. But that site is clearly up in the stratosphere in terms of generating advertising revenue.

In the interests of full-disclosure, w-g makes an average of $4 a month from ads on the archives. Fortunately RDF more than makes up for it…

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  1. Yeah, that’s shocking – what are we doing wrong, Kris? We’ve got to find some more creative ways to whore ourselves.

  2. I seen her on Nightline a couple years back before she had her second baby. They estimated she made about 4 thousand a month. But since then she has made deals with Suave and a couple other major companies. I guess her husband really knows how to manage her website since he writes the coding and manages the ad income. I think someone put the show on youtube…

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