Max saw Mansfield Park the other day, which I love. I saw it on a flight back from the U.S. last year. I had one of those little TV screens with all the channels, and they went through the cycle of movies three times. So I saw Mansfield Park, and then I watched Three to Tango (which was short so I got to flip back over and see the end of Mansfield Park again), and then I started to watch What Lies Beneath (but that was crappy, so I watched Mansfield Park yet again). Yes, I watched the film three times during an eight hour flight. It’s that good. Embeth Davidtz is a delicious beeatch, and Jonny Lee Miller is yummy as always. And Frances O’Connor is just perfect. (I’m choosing to ignore her horrid, horrid turn in Bedazzled.) She’s apparently starring as Maggie the Cat in the revival of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” in London. With Brendan Fraser as Brick. My sister and I are so there.