A New Way to Measure Obesity: The Body Adiposity Index (BAI). Huh. I hadn’t heard of that before. I’m curious to see how my numbers would work out. I’m healthy as a horse (Dr. Chin ran full blood tests on me a few months ago) but my BMI puts me firmly in the “overweight” category. I’ll have to check out the BAI and see if it’s any different. (Incidentally, according to the comments on that article the formula is missing a critical symbol. I’m just going to use this calculator instead.)


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  1. Dunno about that. I don’t carry fat around my hips, so it feels like it gives me an unfair advantage. If I had to measure my waist instead, the answer would be very different!

  2. and for helping a link where you can calculate it.
    I can believe it, with this calculation I am “normal” and my man is overweighted… Yes you can laugh… my skinny man overweighted…

  3. Ptinutz – it’s linked in the post! 🙂

  4. Thanks for that Kris…I always thought the BMI was rubbish! Now I know that I am actually normal and healthy!

  5. BMI is known to be cobblers – not really used much anymore in medicine. Waist-hip ratio works better even!

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