Ukulele Crazy

“Ukulele Crazy” – an article about the current ukulele renaissance and all the artists taking advantage of it. Eddie Vedder is even coming out with an album of uke songs! Yep, I am firmly on this bandwagon. I can play like four songs passably well now, and I’m trying to practice twice a week. (Link courtesy of the Snook, who doesn’t seem to mind me strumming while he plays Warcraft.)

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  1. Welcome aboard! I picked up my first ‘real’ ukulele about 5ish years ago now… As with all instruments it’s cool how you can start playing songs by just working out a few chords. I need to practice it more though.

  2. Ukulele music is great for gaming. When we release our first indie title in the App Store, you can do an all-uke soundtrack for it!

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