Week 17-18
I wasn’t able to post last week’s RunningBlog because I was stuck on a mountain in Wollongong with no electricity at Knitting Camp! But on the plus side, I also got in a great run while I was there. So there’s that. Okay, let’s recap the past fortnight. First there was my 23 mile long run, which was AWESOME. I actually didn’t pull up too sore from that, but the effort of running with a virus really wiped me out. I took a few days off to recover. I did manage a 5K at work on Thursday though. Friday through Sunday was Knitting Camp, and I did a 10K run down and up the mountain on Saturday. It was actually quite a technical (and dangerous) run, given that I was running on the road along switchbacks without much visibility on a rainy and foggy day. Yeah, I had to jump in the ditch a few times to let cars pass, but I felt great when I finished. On Tuesday I went for another easy lunchtime run, and on Thursday I had a brutal workout at Spudds that left me sore for days. I just had another easy run around the neighbourhood to hopefully shake out the stiffness before tomorrow’s Mother’s Day Classic 8K.

Apr. 24: 37.91km
Apr. 28: 5.03km
Apr. 30: 10.08km
May 3: 5.46km
May 7: 5.37km
Total in week 17: 42.94km (26.8mi)
Total in week 18: 20.91km (13mi)
Total in 2011: 444.06km (277.5mi)

To meet my goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 380.7km right now. Yeah. Big cushion. 🙂

In other fun running news, I just had my first official call with the Adam Tinkoff (aka the Zen Runner) as part of the Slow Runners Club Coaching Program. Adam and Eddie are providing online coaching for a group of 11 runners (including myself) for the next three months. We have a private Facebook group where we share workouts and encourage each other, as well as a weekly Skype call to check in. I’m really looking forward to it! I think this is going to be just the encouragement I need to rock the winter running season.