Korean FeastKorean Feast
Last week the Snook pointed out that we were accumulating cucumbers from our weekly veggie box faster than we were eating them. That was all I needed to hear. “Pickles! I’ll make Korean pickles!” I’d seen this oijangajji recipe on Maangchi’s site some time ago. It was pretty easy to follow (I halved it since I didn’t have 5lbs of cukes), and I had them fermenting away in a big jar in the fridge for the past week. To go with them, we made my all-time favorite Korean dish: bulgogi. It’s basically beef marinated in sesame and garlic and then barbecued or grilled. I used Maangchi’s marinade recipe but substituted an apple for the Asian pear. I mixed it up before work on Friday and then left the beef to marinate in the fridge all day. Friday night the Snook cooked it in batches on the stove while I finished off the pickle. I sliced a couple of the pickles up and added chilli flakes, garlic, green onion, sesame oil, sliced fresh chilli, honey, and toasted sesame seeds. YUM. The crunchiness and heat of the chilli contrasted really well with the silky sweetness of the bulgogi. We also sauteed some zucchini with soy sauce, chilli flakes, sesame oil, and green onion. Really excellent meal!