RunningBlog: Week 20

Week 20
I am very, very happy to be recording my highest distance week EVER, and the first over THIRTY MILES! I had my marathon run on Sunday, then I took Monday off to recover. I went for a very gentle run/walk at lunch on Tuesday, and I could tell my legs felt better. Wednesday I had a session at Spudds where I recorded DOUBLE HUNDREDS on the rower! Surprised the heck out of me. Thursday was another rest day. Today I went for a 3:1 run/walk at lunch with some guys from the office. I think overall recovery is going extremely well, and so far there’s been no sign of taper madness. Only 3 weeks to go! CAN YOU TELL I’M EXCITED?

May 15: 42.25km
May 17: 4.32km
May: 20: 5.68km
Total this week: 52.25km (32.6 miles)
Total in 2011: 519.27km (324.5mi)

Goodness! My goal is to run 1100km in 2011, and I’m nearly at the halfway point way ahead of schedule. Maybe I should revise my goal to 1200km?

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  1. Congrats on your 30+ mile week!!

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