RunningBlog: Vintage Running Clothes

Mena over at the Sew Weekly talks about Vintage Running Clothes:

Thinking about my options, I decided to see if there were any photographs of Dita Von Teese (someone who famously maintains a vintage look at all times) doing the exericse thing. It turns out that even when Dita Von Teese is exercising, she keeps her look. But that’s at the gym. And, she’s barefoot. I want to know what she would wear going for a jog!

I guess the answer to that is: DITA VON TEESE DOES NOT JOG!

Heh. I bet not.

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  1. Nothing wrong with exercising in full makeup…

    (For me it’s laziness – can’t be bothered taking it off before a lunchtime class or after work run!)

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