Week 27
This was a cutback week on our half-marathon training plan. Sunday the Snook and I were meant to run 5km with a “Magic Mile” time trial in the middle. To my astonishment, we ran the mile in 9:17! That’s 30 seconds faster than the last one we did 11 weeks ago. Monday I had a Spudds class after work. Tuesday I was busy most of the day, but I managed to squeeze in a short hill climbing workout with my friend Raj. We did repeats up and down Cathedral Street. (Killer.) Wednesday I had a rest day, then Thursday I went back to Spudds again. (I got 155m in 30s on the rower! Best of all the women.) Today I went for a run with Raj, Kunaal, and Geoff doing 2:1 intervals around the Domain. All was going well until I rolled my ankle at the 4km mark. I managed to finish the run, but it started getting painful and swollen at work. I tried to keep it elevated and I iced it a couple times. Now it’s wrapped up in a compression bandage. I hope I can still do our long run Sunday!

July 3: 5.12km (with 9:17 Magic Mile!)
July 5: 3.37km (inc 5 x 200m hill repeats)
July 8: 5.87km
Total this week: 14.36km (9 mi)
Total in 2011: 680.72km (425.5mi)

To meet my goal of running 1200km in 2011, I should be at 623km. So I’ve still got a nice cushion, even if this ankle does give me grief. (How lucky that it happened now and not a month ago before the marathon! I had been so paranoid.)