RunningBlog: Week 30

Week 30
Last week’s mystery weakness hung around, making me tired and achey and pukey. On Thursday it finally manifested – I’m sick! Not sure what this virus is, but it wiped me out. I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off (from work, from running, from everything). The Snook’s got it too! Fine birthday present from me. Anyway, we did manage to get in a couple decent runs before it finally laid us low. Last Sunday was our long run of 15km, which was also the Snook’s longest ever. We did it at a comfortable 2:1 ratio and pace. On Tuesday I headed out for a run on my own to break in my new Mizunos. Wednesday I went to Spudds, but I was feeling really weak and crappy by that point. I should’ve known something was up!

July 24: 15.20km
July 26: 6.00km
Total this week: 21.2km (13.25mi)
Total in 2011: 725.65km (453.5mi)

In order to meet my goal of running 1200km in 2011, I should be at 692km. So I’ve still got a nice little cushion there…


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  1. When do you speak of a 2:1 ratio, is it walking:running or running:walking?

  2. I always quote the running part first. So two minutes running, then one minute walking.

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