Week 31 – The Continuing Saga of the Mystery Virus
So when I last left you, the Snook and I were both laid low with some mystery malady. Symptoms: major tiredness, fever, some nausea, a bit of a sore throat, and swollen glands. We spent Friday and Saturday basically sitting on the couch resting, but we dragged ourselves out for a run on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday we were wiped out again. Tuesday night I went to my doctor to see if he had any advice, especially as we had two races scheduled over the next two weekends. He told me straight: “You’re not training this week, and you’re definitely not racing on Sunday.” WHAAAT? Well, crap. So we haven’t done any other running or exercising all week. I feel mostly recovered, but my lymph nodes are still noticeably swollen. If they don’t go down soon, Dr. Chin wants me to have a blood test to make sure we don’t have mono (i.e. glandular fever). My teammates Kunaal, Raj, and Chiefy are right now running the Bay Run without me. (The race organisers were kind enough to let us defer our entries til next year.) Hopefully we can get in a few runs this week so we’re mentally prepared for next Sunday’s City 2 Surf!

July 31: 6.57km
Total this week: 6.57km
Total in 2011: 732.22km (457.6mi)

To meet my goal of running 1200km in 2011, I should be at 715km right now. My cushion has definitely been eaten up in the last month! I need to put the ankle sprain and virus behind me so I can get back onto a regular training schedule.