Leyburn Socks

LeyburnsLeyburn Socks
These are the third socks in the 2011 “Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club.” I’m catching up! My sock knitting mojo has returned, it seems. These were knitted out of the Regia Landscape 4Ply sock wool designed by famous textile artist Kaffe Fassett. (It’s discontinued now, but I bought up a fair bit of it while I could.) I knitted them both at the same time on two 2.75mm circular needles. I modified the pattern quite a bit though. For the toe, I used Judy’s Magic Cast On. I actually knitted the heel three times. The first time I did a short row heel, but it was too short when the Snook tried them on. Then I tried this toe-up heel flap but found the gusset wasn’t quite deep enough. So I frogged it back and did the heel flap one more time, increasing several more times to make the heel deeper. That did the trick! I was so pleased with the heel that I forgot I was meant to do some increases afterwards, so I ended up having to do several increases all at once when I started the pattern on the bag of the leg. (I don’t think you can tell though.) I didn’t do any decreases for the cuff; I just switched to a 2×2 rib and knitted til I used up all the wool. (More photos and details over on Ravelry.)


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  1. They are really nice. For the heel I have just done for the first time the gusset heel flap from Wendy Johsnon and I never have one so confortable when I start from the toe!

  2. they look great, i love this yarn. and i do admire your determination to Get Things Finished!

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