RunningBlog: Week 32

Week 32
Climbing back on the horse! The Snook and I dutifully skipped last week’s 7K Bay Run (as ordered by our doctor) which meant we had more than a week off running. On Tuesday I went out in the early morning for a little jog around Newtown by myself. (The Snook ran at lunch.) I couldn’t do Spudds this week as I was at a training course from Tuesday to Thursday. I went for another run today at lunch with Raj. I feel really slow and heavy right now (the training course was all carbs and coffee) but it’s nice to be back on the right track.

Aug 9: 5.4km
Aug 12: 5.63km
Total this week: 11.03km (6.9mi)
Total in 2011: 743.25km (464.5mi)

To meet my goal of running 1200km in 2011, I should be at 738.4km right now. So yeah. The big cushion I built up in marathon training has totally been whittled down by a few weeks of injury and illness! It should start going up again though. This Sunday is the City 2 Surf, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world…


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  1. I’m glad to hear that your feeling better!

  2. I too am glad you’re back pounding the pavements. Just to let you know, due in part to your inspiration I ran my first City2Surf today. 1h28m30s. I was quite pleased. Canberra half marathon next…

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