Month: December 2000 (page 2 of 5)

My man Roger Ebert came through with a scathing commentary on the Republican tactics that put the idiot in the White House (and thus ensured that I will not be moving back to the United States for at least 4 years). And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Some ESPN guy reviews last year’s football predictions. He originally said about ND: “Notre Dame will win three of its first five games (lose to Nebraska and Purdue, beat Stanford, Texas A&M and Michigan State), finish 8-3, and it still won’t be enough to satisfy Irish fans still trapped in a Gipper time warp.” Now he says: “The Irish won three of their first five (beat Purdue, lost to Michigan State), finished 9-2, and it still won’t be enough to satisfy Notre Dame fans if they lose to Oregon State in the Fiesta Bowl.”

HOLY CRAP! They cancelled finals at Notre Dame today because of the snow! Can you BELIEVE it?

Apparently Randy Waldrum, the women’s soccer head coach, was offered a head coaching job in the new women’s professional league… and turned it down. That’s awesome.

Yeah, we lost that damn Tournament of Traditions thing. Texas A&M sucks.

College Bowl Predictions from Will Leitch at Ironminds. This guy cracks me up. The Gator Bowl: “I had this pet plastic alligator when I was a kid, but my parents put pepper on its tail because I have an oral fixation and would always chew on it. VIRGINIA TECH 37, CLEMSON 28.” And, of course, the Fiesta Bowl: “You know who I hate? Catholic people. I mean, don’t they drink blood and sacrifice children? Or is it the Buddhists who do that? OREGON STATE 19, NOTRE DAME 17.” This guy is Kelly McMahon with a sex change. 🙂

“The pope gets his own comic.” Yes, seriously.

“100,000 scooters being recalled.” BWAH HA HA HA HA! Apparently the handles can break and come out of the steering column… which creates some very funny scenarios in my mind. Those damn things annoy me.

Congratulations to our own Nicole Mustilli, who was recently named “Air Force Female Athlete of the Year.” Nicole (or “Moost,” as me and Lizzie used to call her) was a member of the Class of ’99 and lived in PW all four years. She was also a member of the fencing team and a ROTC chick to boot. Way to go, Mustilli!

I couldn’t resist. “Vatican Warns Against Increasingly Healthy Attitudes Toward Sex.” I quote: “There is nothing holy about people feeling good about their bodies and themselves.” Hee hee!