Month: December 2000 (page 1 of 5)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! I hope your holiday was as good as mine. Rodd and I made a full turkey dinner (just for us!) and opened presents and vegged in front of the TV all day. It was great. The real high point: switching to Channel4 and finding the filmed version of the production of “Oklahoma!” that the Royal National Theatre did two years ago… with Hugh “Wolverine from the X-Men” Jackman as Curly the Cowboy. Hot damn. God bless the BBC. *grin*

heya weasels! howie has been kind enough to invite me to be the west coast correspondent for Weasel ‘Blog. i feel like it’s the first day of school in a new town, or sumthin: should i CapiTaliZe? would i be super lame if i plug my own ‘blog? (blogspot is down at the moment…) what happens if i try to be funny and fall flat on my face [again]? anyhow, i did bring something for show-and-tell that is somewhat dated but remotely PW/ND related. the e-mail by which i learned of this defamatory blather stated that one should not write a letter to the editor, but rather contact the columnist directly. maybe eternal damnation is too steep a punishment for unjustly slamming our Alma Mater, but being on the wrong end of a spam deluge should teach him a lesson. 😉 (Posted by Brigita.)

In a very weird way, the spirit of Amy Crawford has been inhabiting my mp3 player today. First I heard “Shame on You” by the Indigo Girls, which of course reminds me of our famous Queen Week skit during Crawford’s successful run for the crown. And then next I heard “Shape of My Heart” by the Backstreet Boys, who always make me think of Crawford and Tara crooning Nick’s part on “I Want it That Way.” If “Would You Light My Candle?” from RENT comes up next, I’m going to be officially freaked out. 🙂

I don’t know what the US press reaction has been, but the UK papers are going CRAZY over Madonna’s wedding. My favorite story of the day: “Madonna security guards to check under kilts”.

Okay, okay… Kelly was right. The e-mail was real. The Urban Legends site has even retracted its “false” verdict. And look, that poor woman Claire Swire even has her own website. (Yes, it’s fake.)

This one’s for my mom: Cellphones and cancer not linked.


Micro Scooter Death is the greatest Flash game EVER.

Kel recently bought the “real” version of this book… so I thought I’d point to the funny online version as well.

Okay, just one more: “Supreme Court to democracy: Drop dead.” I couldn’t help it; I like the title.