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Ebert reviews again!

Hooray! I just noticed that Roger Ebert is reviewing movies again. Not a lot just now, but it’s nice to see him doing what he loves again.

Sale is live

The Tapestry Craft Sale is now live!

The Golden Compass

Ooh, official teaser trailer for The Golden Compass! That looks AWESOME. I literally gasped. “Iorek Byrnison!” “Pantalaimon!” Eva Green looks great as Serafina Pekkala. And how much do I love Sam Elliot? So, so much. (Link courtesy of patrick.)


This one’s for Mel: “Do female mud wrestlers get mud in their, uh, ladybits?” That discussion had me cracking up today.

Test, plz!

If you’ve got a second, can you go to the shop website and let me know what you see? Should be a holding page.


This site claims that Australians have been eating poutine (the famous Canadian dish of french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy) “for decades.” O RLY? Where the heck do they get that? I’ve never seen it here. I’ve been googling for the past few minutes and I can’t find any Australian restaurants that list it. Sure, you can get chips and gravy here, but it’s not exactly the same. Do any of you know of a Sydney eatery with poutine on the menu?

That reminds me. When we got to “Canada” at Epcot, I looked all over for a booth selling poutine. Couldn’t find one! So we went into one of the gift shops and I asked the cashier, who was VERY Canadian. “Oh, no,” she said. “Me and the rest of the staff, we can’t find anybody in all of Orlando that serves it. There’s this restaurant out on the highway that will put gravy and cottage cheese on your fries though, if you ask, eh.” Damn.


Has the ABC News website been hacked? Did they really just post a story about a guy who wore the same pants for 2.5 years as a “JUST IN”? It’s not April 1st, is it? And what’s that weird quote about “odour” at the end of it? This HAS to be a joke.


Haircut. We kept it blonde, mostly because it’ll need to be bleached anyway in July when I go “bubblegum pink” to play Tonks. We’re growing the back out for now, but I’ve got a new, shorter sideways fringe going on. I really friggin’ love my new salon.

Truffle salt

Truffle salt. Oh my god. I want that.

30 Facts about Star Wars

30 Facts About Star Wars, on occasion of the movie turning thirty-years-old tomorrow.