Test Results

Test Results:
POSITIVE – My application for citizenship has been formally approved! Now I just have to wait until they schedule me for a ceremony. Keep your calendars free for the big “Kris Becomes A Right Aussie Sheila” Party!

NEGATIVE – I am not, repeat, not pregnant. Officially. I’ve had an upset stomach for the past month and my insane preggers sister managed to plant a seed of paranoia in my brain, such that I actually broke down and took the test just to reassure myself. Hooray! I just have an ulcer. Bring on the beer and wine.


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  1. Congratulations!! On both results! 😉

  2. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-HAAAAAAAAA!

  3. Heh. The pressure’s on for me then… No, *not* to get pregnant!

  4. Go you good thing! …and other Assie exclamations of support.

  5. mate I am looking forward you becomming a shelia, and congrats on the ulcer much less of a commitment than a kid, phew

  6. Interestingly, my stomach was, like, a hundred times improved today. So all the damn teasing about pregnancy was just making it WORSE!

  7. The Other Andrew – make sure you remember the “U” in “Aussie”, there’s a world of difference… 🙂

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