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Dude, we just saw Transformers. And it ROCKED! The Snook’s a bit of a fanboy (but I’m sooo not), so we joined the full house at the Broadway for the 8:30 show. It was awesome. Yeah, the action sequences are good and all, but get this – it’s actually really funny. The human characters and storylines are all excellent. (Pssst. Hey, Sis? Shia LaBeouf is, like, the second coming of John Cusack. Seriously. You’re gonna LOVE that kid.) And now I really, really want a yellow Camaro. Come on, even Margaret and David gave it a good review! If you’re in the mood for some whizzy action fun, this one is highly recommended.

Knitblogger Feud

Some of you might be aware that there’s a bit of a feud going on in the Sydney “knitternet.” It’s all very high school at the moment, and I’ve been trying to stay out of the muck myself. (I will say, though, that I find really artsy, sparse, poetic knit blogs incredibly BORING, and since Mary-Helen is a mate of mine… Well, maybe I have picked a side after all.) Anyway, ginger_nut waded into the fray recently and was rewarded with the snotty insult that her blog lacked “personality.” Rather than stoop to her insulter’s level, she took the opportunity to make an excellent post about her battle with depression. She’s even started a bit of a campaign to raise awareness, which is why I’ve added her “Knit & Fight the Black Dog” button to my site. Kickass, ginger_nut.

We hate Star Wars.

Star Wars fans hate Star Wars. Never a truer word has been spoken. That essay is spot-on. (Link courtesy of John.

Baby’s First DNA Model

Knitting pattern: Baby’s First DNA Model. That rules! I like the Sputnik ball too. (Incidentally, I found that website because the creator, Kim, is coming to Sydney next month and sent an e-mail asking if she could come to our Stitch and Bitch! So if you want to meet her, come to the SnB.)


Which Superhero Are You? According to that quiz, I’m the Human Torch:

You’re on fire, baby! Literally and in spirit. You’re the fun-loving, thrill-seeking, life-of-the-party superhero. Some people say you need to grow up. You think those un-super losers should get a life and kiss your flaming comet. It’s hard for you to be a team player, but when the spit hits the fan, your fantastic friends know they can count on you.

FLAME ON! Link courtesy of The Hulk.

Better Off Dead Camaro

My sister will LOVE this: Better Off Dead Camaro. Some guy actually tracked down the black ’67 Camaro from this classic John Cusack movie and then painstakingly restored it. Now all he needs are some Asian guys who talk like Howard Cosell…

Public Apppearances

Calendar of Public Appearances for this Weekend:

Saturday, June 30, 9am-1pm – I will be manning the Knitter’s Guild booth at the Craft Fair with Miss Fee. Stop by if you’re at the show!

Sunday, July 1, 10am-12pm – I will be teaching folks to knit at the Wraps With Love booth at the ABC 75th Birthday Open Day in Ultimo. (Incidentally, any other knitters interested in doing this with me?) You should definitely stop by if you’re in the neighborhood, if only to see if I’ve thrown down with Margaret Throsby yet.


Turn a C Battery into a D With Quarters. WOW! I can’t even remember the last time I needed a C or a D battery, but I still find that tip remarkable.

Tour de France Knitalong

Tour de France Knitalong. Now that’s cute! I like the different jerseys/categories.

Nundle for Sale!

Anybody got a spare half million lying around? It looks like Nundle Woollen Mill is FOR SALE!