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This past week was the start of my Melbourne Half-Marathon training. I did easy half-hour runs on Tuesday and Thursday, and I was happy to note that my lower back pain was almost completely gone. On Saturday I had a long, leisurely walk with the Snook. On Sunday, I headed out for a 5-miler. I’ve been reading Jeff Galloway‘s Book on Running and I’m already trying to put a few new things into practice. The big one is speed. My pace on the long runs has been way too fast. My goal pace for the actual race is 10:00/mile, therefore I’m supposed to do my long runs at 12:00/mile (including walk breaks). It seems counterintuitive to slow down now in order to go fast later, but as I understand it, the biggest factor in gaining speed is not getting hurt. I can be patient. The other thing I’m working on is FORM. Galloway gives the helpful mnemonic “CHiPs”: Chest up, Hips forward, and Push off. I think I’m improving, though I still get annoyed when I check myself in shop windows and catch myself leaning forward too much. (Check out this Phedippidations episode for a great discussion about running form.) Anyway, I did my five miles at 12:00 pace pretty easily. The biggest problem I had was my perpetual bugbear – hydration. I thought I’d had enough to drink but the sun was hot and I got parched quickly. I hit every water fountain I could find but still my mouth was dry. I really need to work on that.

Happily, my lower back felt pretty good after the run and I had a great final session with the physiotherapist this morning. My pelvic alignment is rock solid and my core strength is improving. I think I’m pretty much fixed! I actually feel kind of stupid for suffering through so much back pain when all it took was a couple sessions to correct. I can highly recommend Michael over at Peak Physique for any exercise-related injuries.

Chicks dig whiskers

From the Snook: Chicks dig whiskers. Well, a little bit of whiskers, anyway. Personally, I’m a big, big fan of the scruff.

Weekend Update

Weekend Update: What a difference a week makes. You know how sometimes you just fall into a rut? Last Sunday I told the Snook that I was feeling cross and frustrated. Sometimes we enable each other’s laziness a little too much, you know? And it was starting to get to me. This week, though, my mood went through the roof. It was like turning on a light switch. We spent time hanging out in the evenings (without automatically burying ourselves in Warcraft/knitting). We crossed off a lot of errands on our To Do list. We kept the house relatively clean. On Saturday afternoon, we went for a long walk to Newtown and back, and then headed to Broadway to buy a new DVD player (since ours died). Sunday I went for a long run and finished off a few knitting projects. It was… nice. It’s always a surprise to realise how much a difference simply deciding to be in a good mood can make. I feel rested and happy.

Although, part of me wonders how much of my good mood can be attributed to the sunshine. We had a week of fine weather and it certainly improved my outlook a lot. So maybe that was part of it.


Pushups! Okay, so I nearly killed myself trying to do Day 1 this morning. I don’t think it’s my arm strength so much as my lack of core stability. (My wrists were also kinda hurting.) My form is seriously crap. So I’ve been reading up on ways that I can ease into it a bit more…

Based on what I’m reading there, I think I’m going to start each workout doing my best to do full pushups, but I’ll switch to knees when my form starts to suffer.

Any else make a start yet? (The Snook managed 15 in his initial test – much to both of our surprise – but he nearly killed himself trying to do the first day’s workout.)

Woman Geniuses

Woman Geniuses. Great thread that I somehow missed over at AskMeFi.

Blogging from the Apple Store…

Blogging from the Apple Store! Some idiot’s smashed one of the glass plates at the front door already. 🙁

Hundred Pushups

I am seriously, seriously thinking about doing the Hundred Push-ups Challenge. I can probably do, like, two proper push-ups.

It’s just not cricket

I just find this amazing. A major cricket scandal has erupted because, in the course of a match, the English team ran out a New Zealand player after he collided with the bowler and fell down. (In baseball terms, imagine that a base runner collides with an infielder and falls down, and the other team proceeds to tag him out.) As near as I can tell, the main objection that the NZ team have is that, well, it just wasn’t good sportsmanship. Isn’t that great? And the English captain has actually apologized! It really couldn’t happen in any other sport.

Ray Gun

What could be better than a ray gun? A ray gun that changes the TV Channel. Cooooool.

Ammonite Washbasin

Ammonite washbasin. Gorgeous. We’re going to have to redo the bathrooms someday…