Pushups! Okay, so I nearly killed myself trying to do Day 1 this morning. I don’t think it’s my arm strength so much as my lack of core stability. (My wrists were also kinda hurting.) My form is seriously crap. So I’ve been reading up on ways that I can ease into it a bit more…

Based on what I’m reading there, I think I’m going to start each workout doing my best to do full pushups, but I’ll switch to knees when my form starts to suffer.

Any else make a start yet? (The Snook managed 15 in his initial test – much to both of our surprise – but he nearly killed himself trying to do the first day’s workout.)


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  1. I’m doing my “test” this weekend and starting day 1 this Monday. It won’t be pretty, I’m afraid.

  2. I just managed 18 on the test. It did not feel good. I fear I will not make the Banzuke.

  3. I managed nine and a half. (The half was when I got halfway up, my arms spontaneously gave out, and I found myself suddenly face-down on the floor).

  4. It’s the day after my first “workout”… and my arms, abs, back, and lats (OH, THE LATS!) are so sore that I kept waking up every time I rolled over in the night. It was a much harder workout than I’d even realized!

  5. I helped my friend move all her furniture and boxes all morning, and I just finished day 3 (15-13-10-10-15). My arms might fall off.

  6. Have roped in the husband to do this with me, we shall do day one tonight.

    my initial test was 5, I think, but I need a 2nd opinion as to weather I was doing them correctly.

  7. I think I might try this.

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