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Line of the Week: “If McCain wanted a former beauty queen with no experience and a criminal investigation on her record I don’t know why he didn’t just pick his own wife.” (Via MeFi.)

Runners for Obama

Yay! The Runners for Obama T-shirts I mentioned before is now available for purchase. There’s no mention of sizing though… I emailed the guy to see if he can at least give me the brand.

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Dubya covers REM’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” Quite possibly the best YouTube video I’ve ever seen. (Link courtesy of

Milo loves the gays

Swoon. Milo “Peter Petrelli” Ventimiglia does an interview with and talks all about his big gay following. Oh, and being shirtless a lot. Bring on Heroes Season 3! Barack Obama will cut taxes for over 95% of American families. For our household, we’d be looking at a $2000+ tax cut (adjusting to American dollars). Here’s how they calculate it.


Pinched: The day I took my family to a soup kitchen. Very powerful essay on what it’s like for the working poor in America. I don’t know how anyone – anyone with less than seven houses, that is – could read that and still think the economy is going A-OK.

More about Billy Mitchell

If you enjoyed The King of Kong (as I did), you should check out this Harper’s article (PDF) about Billy Mitchell and his Pac-Man records. The author talks to Billy and Walter Day quite a bit, and follows a Jamaican immigrant named Abdner who tries to break the Ms Pac-Man record. The author was working on the story while King of Kong was filming, and he was even invited to the screening of Billy’s infamous Donkey Kong videotape designed to steal Steve Weibe’s thunder at Fun Spot. (For the record, the author doesn’t think the tape was doctored.) I think it’s very interesting to get another view of the guy, especially since it was very easy to write off his villainous portrayal in King of Kong as a consequence of editing. The author of this piece is definitely kinder to Billy, but he still admits that the gigantic ego, defensiveness, and scheming are all true-to-life.


Man. I got a little blister on my left toe during my 20km run on Sunday, but at least I wasn’t bleeding through my shoes. YIKES. (Note to self: Always wear socks.)

Casino Carpets

“Beware the lure of casino carpets.” HA! The first time I ever went to Star City, the Snook told me in all seriousness that the extremely ugly and distracting carpeting was a deliberate choice to “hide the vomit stains.” (Link courtesy of Lynnette.)

Photos from the DNC

Kevin‘s posting photos from the Democratic National Convention. I wonder if he can hook me up with one of those sweet Obama action figures