Milo loves the gays

Swoon. Milo “Peter Petrelli” Ventimiglia does an interview with and talks all about his big gay following. Oh, and being shirtless a lot. Bring on Heroes Season 3!


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  1. Ventimiglia and Masi Oka will be at JB Hi-Fi in The Galleries Victoria on Tuesday doing… stuff?

  2. AWWW, CRAP! YOU’RE RIGHT. How the hell am I going to get out of work that day?

  3. Just tell them that you must save the Takezo princess. And that although it looks and sounds exactly like Godzilla… it’s NOT!

  4. *Ahem* you live in Oz now…ever heard of a sickie?

  5. BTW, if you do get to go, grab Milo’s [email protected]@ for me

  6. Unfortunately a sickie wouldn’t really work, seeing how half my office already reads the blog. 🙁

  7. My sister went! She had a good time 😉 (Milo lover!)

  8. AWWWW, MAN. I called JB Hi-Fi to see how long the queue was, and they said they’d already sold more DVDs than they thought they had time to sign. So I didn’t even bother going in. 🙁


  9. she got a picture! pictures, even 😛 and autographs. she said it was well worth the sickie

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