ObamaTaxCut.com. Barack Obama will cut taxes for over 95% of American families. For our household, we’d be looking at a $2000+ tax cut (adjusting to American dollars). Here’s how they calculate it.


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  1. But what about services. I’m always suspicious of tax cuts if they mean cuts to services like schools and hospitals. US tax rates are already quite low, I think…? (I might be wrong about that.)

  2. Oh, I am too, M-H. But there are a lot of Americans for whom their tax burden is the only important thing, and in that case, they come out better under Obama. (He’s actually letting tax cuts for the 1% of people who make over $600K expire, so their taxes will be going up.)

  3. And let’s face it, there are no real services in the US. The insurance companies run the show and those tax cuts may be the difference in being able to afford a half decent health plan

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