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It’s time for Movember!
It’s the last day of October, which means that there will be a lot of men going clean-shaven tomorrow morning. The Snook is officially registered this year, and is in fact Captain of his company’s team. You can see his fundraising page here. If you’re feeling charitable, please head over and give him a donation. (It’s to raise funds for men’s health issues like prostate cancer and depression.) I’ll be tracking his ‘tache progress throughout the month here at W-G. Oh! And I’m officially a Mo’Sista. I wear fake mustaches enough; I figured it was time to get involved.


Manamana! That is one of the best three-person Halloween costumes ever.

Halloween Theme for Firefox

Halloween theme for Firefox. I’m using it at work and it’s spook-tacular!

Peep-Free Zone

I didn’t want to announce it earlier and jinx anything, but as it’s now officially Halloween… My house is a Peep-free zone! That feels so good to say. This is the first year in a long time that someone from my family hasn’t sent me a package of those icky little sugar-coated pieces of foam rubber. *shudder*

Chex Mix

Halloween Teaser #2

Chex Mix

What’s that? Oh, I’ll tell you what that is. That, my friends, is a METRIC ASS-TON of Chex Mix.

Except it isn’t really Chex Mix, since you can’t get Chex here. It’s Nutrigrain + pretzels + bagel chips + macadamias + other nuts MIX. And seriously, there’s like two gallons of snack there.

Fingerprint Rings

Fingerprint Rings. Bookmarking in case we ever decide to get wedding bands…


Vote. (The Neil Patrick Harris moment was the one that really caught my attention. “I’m voting because I fell in love, and I want it to count.” Seriously, Californians, vote NO on Prop 8.)

Edited to add: Here’s a letter from someone in California that this affects personally. I found it very moving.

It’s wrong to make gay couples pay the price for someone else’s misplaced fear. On November 4, it’ll be only you in the voting booth. Nobody will see how you vote – that’s your business. But before you mark your ballot on Prop 8, please take a moment to ask yourself, in all honesty, what does it hurt you if gays and lesbians get married? Will it make you love your spouse any less? Does it make you love your children any less? Would it hurt your family if, after 16 years, Bill and Robert finally get to tie the knot? I think your answer will be no. Your marriage will be no weaker if Prop 8 doesn’t pass. Your family will be no less under the law or under God.

Speaking as a straight married person, the only negative I can think of regarding gay marriages is that it would just mean more social engagements for my calendar. (Seriously! So many weddings these days!) And maybe that cute barista at Toby’s would stop flirting with the Snook if he had his own husband. (Not that the Snook minds. He has no scruples when it comes to good coffee.)

Bad Costumes

20 Costumes That Will Earn You a Halloween Beating. I dunno; I kinda think the “Bacon and Eggs” one is amusing.

$20 Pumpkins

Twenty-dollar pumpkinsTwenty-dollar Pumpkins
Last night I was in Harris Farm picking up some more stuff for the Halloween party when I noticed that they were still flogging their $20 orange pumpkins. I took a quick photo, shrugged, and continued my shopping. Later in the queue, I noticed a guy standing next to me juggling three of them.

Me: Pssst! If you can get over to Paddy’s this week, I found them there for fifteen!
Him: Fifteen! That’s pretty good! Did they have many?
Me: Actually, not really. And they were priced by weight, $4/kilo.
Him: That’s okay. I’ll stick with these.

The poor guy paid SIXTY DOLLARS for three pumpkins! That’s some dedication right there. And judging by the accent he was an Aussie, not some nostalgic Yank. Obviously my campaign to bring this holiday to the Antipodeans is gaining momentum. As he was leaving, we wished each other a “Happy Halloween!”

Zac Efron in Footloose

Zac Efron to star in Footloose remake. That is just a bag of WIN on so many levels.