Chex Mix

Halloween Teaser #2

Chex Mix

What’s that? Oh, I’ll tell you what that is. That, my friends, is a METRIC ASS-TON of Chex Mix.

Except it isn’t really Chex Mix, since you can’t get Chex here. It’s Nutrigrain + pretzels + bagel chips + macadamias + other nuts MIX. And seriously, there’s like two gallons of snack there.


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  1. I like how you keep putting little Halloween props in each picture. It cracks me up.

  2. That’s because I have way, way too much Halloween crap. I went to get it out of the closet last weekend and I was like, “Hm, what’s in this other big unmarked cardboard box? MORE HALLOWEEN CRAP.” Rodd says I can’t buy anymore for a few years.

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