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A-line Skirt

Brown skirtA-line Skirt
Another finished thing for Sewvember! I made this last weekend based on the hand-drawn pattern I used for my previous A-line skirts. The fabric was a remnant that I bought at Publisher Textiles when my Mom was visiting last winter. I believe it’s a thick cotton. Instead of a waist facing, I drafted my own waistband using this Colette tutorial. Somehow I got muddled and put the zipper on the right instead of the left, but that was the only snag in an otherwise quick and rewarding project.

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Meringue Skirt

Squinting on a cloudy day in my new Meringue skirt!
Squinting on a cloudy day in my new Meringue skirt!

So this is my Meringue Skirt! This was a very quick and (relatively) easy project. The fabric is ANNBETH from IKEA, and it’s a nice sturdy cotton. Despite my continued lack of an invisible zipper foot, I think this is my best zipper yet. (Of course, it took me like three tries because I kept sewing it on the wrong side of the garment.) The instructions for sandwiching the zipper in between the waist facing were brilliant. I mean, I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but I followed the instructions religiously and trusted that when it came time to flip it right-side out, it would work — and it did! The scallops around the bottom are the defining feature, of course, and they’re trickier than they look. I’m not 100% happy with how the hem facing sits, but I did my best and I know what to do better next time. The only real problem with the skirt is that it’s TOO BIG! Once again I sewed a size 16 out of fear I wouldn’t fit the 14, and now I’m swimming in it. So I’m going to have to figure out how to take it in a little bit. But overall, I feel like this is my best executed project yet!

I posted a sneak peek on Facebook a week ago and my high school geography teacher commented that it looked like an AWNING. So now that’s all I can see when I look at it. IT’S AN AWNING. THANKS, MR. SCHMIDT.

Robot Skirt

Robot SkirtRobot Skirt
I forgot to mention that I finished my third skirt! This is the same A-line pattern that I used for the previous two. (It’s the one from the class I did at the Sewing Room last year.) The fabric is a thick cotton drill I got when I was visiting my Mom in the U.S. last year. Fun!

The shoes are new Converse “re-issues” I got last weekend from Platypus. Only $39!

New Skirt

Blue SkirtI sewed another skirt!
Saturday I finally decided it was time to start sewing some of the skirts I’d planned. I’d bought a couple different fabrics over the past months, and last weekend I prepped them (basted the edges, pre-washed and dried, and ironed) and cleaned out my sewing machine. So I dug out the pattern from my class a few months ago and got stuck in.

This is the one that I managed to finish (since it’s the only one I had a zipper for). The fabric is a very fine wale corduroy (light blue with dark blue paisley) that I got on Clearance at Lincraft. It was so cheap that I didn’t have high expectations for the finished product, but I figured it would be good for practice. To my surprise, it squared up nicely and didn’t give me any trouble at all. I laid out all my pattern pieces and remembered to make sure the nap all ran the same direction. The sewing was fairly straightforward, though I did have to refer back to my old skirt a few times just to double-check the order of operations. Sewing in the zipper was probably the scariest bit, and I played around with several different techniques (including sticky tape!) before settling on basting it in by hand just to make sure it didn’t shift around. I only made one tiny mistake in the whole project, when I forgot to leave a seam allowance to turn back at the opening of the facing near the zipper. (That’s the final step – to turn back the raw edge and tack it down on the underside of the zipper. I managed to get it to work, but it may fray a bit at the top edge. I might put some clear nail polish on it.) Here’s a bigger picture so you can see the true colour a bit better.

I wore the skirt to the barbecue on Sunday, and needless to say I’m THRILLED with it. The cord feels very soft and lovely to wear. My only disappointment is that the waistband seemed to bunch up by the end of the day. I had the same problem with the original skirt though too, so it may be a fit issue. Any sewers want to advise me? Or do you think I need thicker interfacing for the facing pieces?