Robot Skirt

Robot SkirtRobot Skirt
I forgot to mention that I finished my third skirt! This is the same A-line pattern that I used for the previous two. (It’s the one from the class I did at the Sewing Room last year.) The fabric is a thick cotton drill I got when I was visiting my Mom in the U.S. last year. Fun!

The shoes are new Converse “re-issues” I got last weekend from Platypus. Only $39!


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  1. Ah ha!!! Then It WAS you I saw – pick tshirt too? – in Newtown last weekend. I do like the skirt and Mr Snooks “Science – it works, bitches” tshirt. (I confess I saw his t’shirt first and then had an oh, duh moment by which time, like ship in the night, we had past each other on the hot and grubby King St pavement).

    no no, I have not turned street stalker.

  2. HAHAHA, yep, that was us!

  3. love the skirt love the shoes want want want!!!!

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