Into the kitchen

You’re now looking into the kitchen from the dining room. We’re pretty sure that the kitchen is an extension to the original house, and the bathroom is a further extension onto that. (Mr. Snook informed us that in new buildings it’s illegal to have the bathroom so close to the food preparation area, but they let it slide with the old houses because there’s just nowhere else to put them.)


You’ve got to step up into the kitchen. Check out our benchtop. There are a few things you should note: 1) Very crappy lighting. Those hanging lamps are all we have. I wanna get a halogen and put it in the corner or something. 2) No dishwasher. My childhood hatred of washing dishes has returned, mostly because of… 3) The weirdest sink in the world. It’s copper. It’s round. And there’s only one basin. Doing dishes is a challenge, to say the least. Yeah, the kitchen is the worst part of the house. But so far we can handle it.

The Bathroom

Continuing onwards you come to the bathroom. Despite its odd location, I like it. I especially like the stained glass window. It’s really pretty. I do not like the mirror over the sink, which only comes up to my neck. I have to hunch to put in my contacts. (Hey! You can see me in the mirror! Cool.)

The tub

This is the famous tub that I love to rave about. It’s huge and deep and baths in it are the best. Showers aren’t so great, what with the hanging curtain, but the baths make up for it.

Another view of the kitchen

Leaving the bathroom you get a reverse view of the kitchen. We’ve got a little table set up there for me to sit at while I watch assist Rodd with the cooking.

Heading out back

Okay, let’s head out back. We’ve got a paved little corridor that runs down the length of the kitchen and bathroom. The green box is my worm farm. See the dirty looking spot on the tile right before the watering can? Yeah, there used to be a ceramic planter on the wall right above that. Then… SMASH!

One side of garden

The back courtyard is pretty small, but it really is very pretty. It reminded me of an Italian villa or something when we first saw it. There’s a wall in the back with climbing ivy all over it, and a tree in the back right corner. We’ve also got lots of planters (that I haven’t yet shattered) full of flowers.