And the fun keeps coming.
Before getting started on the task of rebuilding two weeks’ worth of work, I thought I’d spend a few relaxing minutes in the garden. I watered the flowers and checked on the new baby lemons. I dampened down the worms and observed that another crop of mutant pumpkin seeds have sprouted. Then, satisfied that I could face the day, I replaced my watering can near the worm farm and stood up with confidence… and whacked my head on one of our big hanging ceramic planters full of new flowers, which promptly fell off the wall and shattered before my feet.

The universe is conspiring against me folks. I’ve got some bad karma goin’ on and it’s probably best if I sequester myself for a while til it goes away.


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  1. Have you thought about your feng shui?

  2. Hmmm, not since we moved into the new house. The toilet is probably sitting in my “happiness” corner or something.

  3. just be sure to keep the lid down so you won’t be flushing it all away. 😉

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