My last trip to the U.S. was in 2008 and the Snook’s was in 2007, so it was definitely time for another visit. Our plan was to fly to San Francisco and spend a few days with the Carbos before heading on to Indiana. We finished up with a couple days to ourselves in Wisconsin (including THE HOUSE ON THE ROCK!) and then two very quick stops in Chicago and L.A. on the way home. Now, the photos!

Amy and Indie

My sister picked us up in San Francisco and took us to their house in Petaluma. That night we all went to the Lagunitas Brewpub for dinner. It was great! Here’s Amy and Indie in the beer garden, which was full of families enjoying the warm night.

Me and Indie

Me and Indie. The last time I saw her she was a tiny baby! Now she’s a an actual little person.


Snookums enjoyed the Lagunitas beer. They served it in these really cool glasses that looked like Mason jars. (We actually bought a couple of them and brought them back to Sydney with us.)

Snookums and Buster

Back at the Carbo house, Snookums reunited with his buddy Buster.

Me and a roasted marshmallow

The Carbos have a firepit in the backyard, so we got a little bonfire going and introduced the kids to S’mores. (Snookums had never had one either!) Here’s me enjoying (a little too much) my first roasted marshmallow in years.

Settlers of Catan

Once the kids were in bed, Amy and Dan introduced us to their favorite game: Settlers of Catan. To no one’s great surprise, Snookums turned out to be a prodigy and won his first three games.

On my run

The next morning, I used RunKeeper routes to plan a run through Petaluma. There are some nice trails and I ended up running alongside the small airport. That’s where I stopped to take this picture. It was sunny but not too hot.

Dan and the kids

We took the kids to their favorite playground…

Me and Rodd

Do we look jet lagged? 🙂