Snookums and Indie

Back at the house, Snookums and Indie watch TV together.

Penn, me, and Indie

The next day, we took the kids to Children’s Fairyland in Oakland. Here’s me, Penn, and Indie sitting on some flower chairs.

Penn and me

Penn and I rode a little train called the “Jolly Trolley”!

Me and Rodd

While the kids played, the Snook and I enjoyed the warm weather and the novelty of being on vacation.

Sleepy kids

It was an exciting day, so all three “kids” conked out in the back seat pretty quickly on the way home.

On Bolinas beach

Another day, Amy took us and the kids took their favorite beach: Bolinas Beach. It had been a warm and sunny day in Petaluma, but once we got down to sea level it got cool and foggy.

Penn and Rodd

Penn and Rodd get to work digging in the sand.


As you might imagine, the Australian was rather grumpy about this “beach” experience. Too cold!

Rodd and Indie

Indie and Uncle Rodd.


My sister rests on the beach… UNDER A BLANKET. I told you; it was a weird day. We did see a sea lion off in the waves though.

Me and Rodd

On our last night in Petaluma, we went to see Dan’s softball match. His team won!

Me and the kids

Before we left, we took the kids to the library in Petaluma and then out to lunch. Finally it was time to say goodbye, and yeah, some tears were shed. It was so great to get to see them…