November 7, 2001

Oh no. Oh nonononono. I forgot to remind my parents to tape the Buffy musical last night! ARRRRGGGGHHHH! Did anybody tape it? I'm desperate!


Ahh, that sucks :( I don't even know if I've got a copy yet. Fingers crossed eh? Because it's definitely a repeat viewing.
» anon on November 7, 2001

Mmmmm...a tape of the musical Buffy, eh? I think I know where a copy can be found. ;) Give me an address and it's yours!
» the best cousin ever on November 9, 2001

AHHHHH! You're kidding! You're the best best best cousin EVER! I'll be at Aunt Deb's over Thanksgiving. Where are you gonna be?
» Kris on November 9, 2001

I'll be @ my mom's, but you know I'll see you. I'll probably come home the night before. How's that?

And yes, yes, I am. :)

» Jenny on November 11, 2001

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