A rare culinary success!
Remember my ill-fated foray into the world of homemade pizza? I’m happy to report that tonight’s experiment – homemade chicken pot pie – landed firmly on the other side of the Delicious-Meter. It was fantastic! Never underestimate what you can do with pre-made pastry. It’s a godsend.

So yeah, I haven’t been posting much lately. And yeah, I promised I wouldn’t until I tackled the packing problem. Put those two concepts together and you’re left with the conclusion that… I’ve done nothing. Well, not nothing. I made out a very detailed To Do list. That’s almost like being productive, right? At least my chicken pot pie kept the day from being a total washout. How can I stop procrastinating? Somebody, anybody, kick me in the ass!

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  1. Nice one – I’m pretty adept at Chinese food now – you should try that – theres such a huge sense of achievement when its finished – and pride- when it tastes really good !

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